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DK Data... "More Than Just a VAR"

There are literally hundreds of “Hardware” companies out there to choose from, but when it comes to companies that have the ability to help you in every phase of your implementation the field narrows drastically. DK Data Sales is one such company; a company that can work with you from the planning stages of your project all the way through to training and implementation.

Since 1987, DK Data Sales has provided our customers with automation solutions, barcoding equipment, repair services and unparalleled customer support. This belief of “Solutions, Service and Support” is the reason we have become an industry leader in the automated data capture industry. In the last two decades we have helped hundreds of companies in a variety of industries; retail, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, healthcare and many more. We provide the knowledge and skills that help companies protect their bottom line by gaining efficiencies, eliminating waste and by automating their operations. Our highly trained staff has the ability to help you during every phase from “Concept” to “Installation” not just sell you hardware. Our passion is solving your problems…. DK Data…. “More than just a VAR”

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