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About Us
DK Data Sales, Inc offers a wide array of mobile technology services and provides solutions to enhance your data collection processes.  For 22 years we have helped our clients design, implement and optimize processes in order to protect and grow their bottom line. We are dedicated to offering services and products that are specifically designed to meet your market needs. Whatever industry your business is a part of – whether it be retail, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, or healthcare – DK Data Sales, Inc along with our strategic worldwide partners provides you with site survey design, company quality data capture products, and software solutions.
We believe in “Solutions, Service, Support” and being more than just a VAR. We are THE VAR. After working with you to achieve the solution you need, we follow up to ensure that your solution is working and maintain the necessary upgrades to your system. Our service continues throughout our relationship. We also keep you updated on the products and solutions available in our industry. This gives you the opportunity to stay one step ahead of your competition.  When the time comes to upgrade your scanners, bar codes, and other wireless products our clients have greater awareness and access to cutting edge information.

Our strategic partners are the leading manufacturers of bar codes and scanners. You can choose from our selection of the latest wireless products from Motorola (our leading brand), Intermec, Zebra, Unitech, Datamax, PSC, Cisco, Pioneer POS, Elo, and Cipher Lab. Extended warranties are available and we recommend these if you are investing in new equipment purchases. Warranties may vary from Flat Rate, Time & Material or monthly Depot Plans. Ask about our Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels to discover the discount rates you can take advantage of. 
We have been providing high touch service and cutting edge products since 1987.For over two decades, DK Data Sales Inc has earned a reputation of providing technical and additional sales support whether it be onsite, by phone, or email. Solving our customers’ problems is our passion.

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