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Go Green
Go Green with DK Data Services, Inc. by turning your old handheld computing devices. 
Did you know that your old handheld device contains hazardous waste material? This is currently referred to as E-Waste. There are 19 states and one municipality (New York City) that have implemented laws regarding E-Waste. Oklahoma, signed into law on May 13, 2008 The Oklahoma Computer Recovery Act which establishes a convenient and environmentally sound recovery program for the collection, recycling and reuse of computers and computer Monitors that have reached the end of their use. DK Data, has encouraged this program by accepting all of your old handheld computing devices, and disposing of them properly, keeping us all living in a safer, more eco-friendly, green environment. Anytime you are updating your out of date models be sure to ask about our recycling program.

Not updating your older model? We will still gladly accept your out of use handheld devices. 

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