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DK Data Sales, Inc offers far more than just products to our customers. We provide them with high touch, high tech and high quality services as well. We supply various warranty and repair services through hardware partners. There are some warranties that can be extended and are available when you purchase equipments that have Time & Material, Flat Rate, and monthly Depot Plans. Check with your account manager to discover if these products are included as part of your Gold, Silver, or Bronze levels. 
DK Data Sales, Inc believes in “Solution, Service, Support.” This is our slogan and we have worked hard for twenty plus years to embody this motto. We have diligently mastered the repair services sector of this industry and streamlined our processes.  We have a greater awareness of the services you are most likely to utilize and the ones you will not.  From a cost analysis standpoint we tend to be less expensive and still provide the highest quality. If you want specific information on pricing, you can check with your warranty or your account manager. It usually depends on the kind of repair needed.

DK Data Sales, Inc also offers a full scope of helpful training services in a friendly environment. This includes free hands-on training (so that you can solve problems internally), low-cost building materials, financial counseling, and prevention services. When you turn to us with your repair services needs we help you maintain the product.
Our slogan is “Solutions, Service, Support” and this is what we provide our customers. We believe in providing our clients with the best service and doing whatever it takes to provide solutions for your problems. In addition, we also listen to feedback, comments, and suggestions so that we can continue improving our products and services for our customers. We not only diligently maintain our clients, we work to help them grow.

If you need repair services, click here to contact DK Data Sales, Inc and we will gladly help you with your concerns.

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